Select Component + BeanItemContainer

I have problem with binding data from database to Component again…
but this time i dont know how bind data to Select component.
My POJO look more less like this:

public class OrganizationcellTO implements Serializable {
    	private Integer idcell;
   	private String sname;

public Integer getIdcell() {
		return idcell;

	public void setIdcell(Integer idcell) {
		this.idcell = idcell;

	public String getSname() {
		return sname;

	public void setSname(String sname) {
		this.sname = sname;

    	public String toString(){
    		return sname;

and i want fill Select box with sname and return idcell when form approved. I have no clue how to do that… I try this

Select select = new Select();				

but when i commit form it giving me this error:

09:51:17,598 ERROR [STDERR]

Please help