Select change its items when container is changed

Hello everyone,
Could you please let me know how to change the values in my Select automatically when its container’s value is changed. For my case, the container retrieve values from bean. I have tried to add listener to either Select or Container, but neither of them work out!

I do not want to add another button to reload the container at all.

So, please help.

Thank in advance.


Any component bound to a container should change automatically when the container is modified. You mentioned beans, I hope you’re not modifying them past the container interface, as the container can’t detect that and inform the component to update.

It happens in another view that I add or remove some value of Institutions.

My Select happen in another view that bound to a list of Institutions. And of course, the container value is not changed then after I have remove or add Institutions from another view.
So, my solution now is that I add another button to reload container of that Institutions, and so my Select can change its value.

Could you please suggest me an alternative way to automatically achieve this without adding a “reload” button?

Thank for your help.

I don’t know how you add them, but if you add them to the container, the component should get updated accordingly.
Here’s one example with Table
, it should work with Selects just as well.