Security config error after updating Spring

Its giving the current error afterr I changed

http.authorizeRequests().antMatchers("/public/**", "/login", "/images/**").permitAll();


http.authorizeHttpRequests(requests -> requests.antMatchers("/public/**", "/login", "/images/**", "/license/**"));

It still works if I dont change it. But Spring gives a warning: HttpSecurity API 'authorizeRequests(...)' is outdated
message.txt (12.5 KB)

You either update to Vaadin 24 / Spring Boot 3 or you life with this warning. Nothing you can do at the moment because it would need changes in the framework, which I doubt are going to be made.

I seeā€¦

any breaking changes from 23.2.5 to 24? + all the changes regard Spring (Boot) /Java Ecosystem.


after breaking my entire application, I decided to just suppress the warning lol

there goes three hours XD