searchfilter with dates

I did the tutorial on how to preform search in a db populated table. I can search by matching text, but I have no clue in how to search between two dates.

I’m using two PopupDateField and want to search in a column in my table called “Date”, the data in that column is presented as java.util.Date

i.e. I want to show all entries between “2010-01-04 18:10:05” and “2010-02-06 16:02:04”

Thanks in advance!

I think I found the solution on my own. It seems like ComparisonType.Between works great for this.

Here is an example,

Filter f = new Filter((String) "DATE", ComparisonType.BETWEEN, "2010-01-01 11:00:00", "2010-01-03 12:00:00");

This is should work but is dependent on the container.
The new filtering support in Vaadin 6.6 also supports comparisons that can be applied to different containers - there is no explicit “between” comparison but that can be easily constructed out of “less than” and “greater than” comparisons.