Search for easy to use date component

Hi folks,

currently I’m writing a Vaadin application, in which the user is able to add and edit new events in a calendar.
If there is a valid entry the date or calendar component should visualize the event with a special color (for instance
red is forenoon, blue afternoon).

This means, that there should be a component, in which you have a monthly view and which is able to mark not
only one but many days. Also unlike the DateField components there should not be a date picker on the bottom
of the field. I had some problems with the Calendar addon, which is way to complex to meet these simple requirements.

Can someone show me a addon or a simple solution to reach this requirments.

Thanx in advance Jimmy

add-on is what you look for.

Thanx for the fast reply.

I already tested the mentioned addon. But how can you mark different days. I didn’t find a way.
Probably you know one.

Thx Jimmy

Well, I noticed the add-on when browsing the directory, but I haven’t tested it yet.
So all I can answer is based on what I see in the add-on page: apparently, you set a StyleCalendar.DateStyleGenerator with a getStyleName method that receives each date to be displayed. Thus you can return a style name (class) based on this date.

Hi Phillipe,

yes I think you are right. I didn’t notice the DateStyleGenerator. Possibly I didn’t explore thoroughly
enough. Now I’m going to test your advice.

Greetings Jimmy

Hi Phillipe,

you are absolutely right. I only had to implement an own DateStyleGenerator, which
can, for instance, be easily connected to a data container. Additionally I adapted the
related CSS-file.

Thanx and greetings Jimmy