Search Engine / Crawler Support for Vaadin apps given GWT client


From what I understand from the FAQ and Sampler, Vaadin is rendering in the client browser leveraging GWT UI components (and custom GWT controls). GWT apps historically have not been able to be crawled from the googlebot and the like, as they don’t invoke/support javascript. People have hacked up various schemes to try and get some level of crawling. Google eventually came up with AjaxCrawling

Does Vaadin natively support the ajax crawling scheme that google proposed? Does Vaadin play nicely with search engines?

many thanks


Vaadin does not automate the process, but does not stand in the way of a developer who wants to support search engines. Thus you can support #! fragments by use of URIFragmentUtil in your application and provide corresponding HTML versions through a parameter handler.

Hi Matt,

I’ve implemented Ajax crawling support for a recent project. Basically, using HtmlUnit as described here is what I started with.

In your Vaadin code, you can simply prefix your URI fragment with a “!” when calling the setFragment() method of the UriFragmentUtility class. In my case, I extended the UriFragmentUtility and override the setFragment() method, so I only have the “!” prefix at one place. Besides, I use this area in the code to call Google Analytics to track my page views.