Scrolling to the right causes root window to have empty background


I have encountered a strange behavior of the root/main window when it is scrolled to the right (using right arrow key) to view the area that is not initially visible at first load of the page. I’m not sure if I’ve messed up something in the layout or if this is a bug. I’m posting this so somebody could investigate this, and probably point me what I’m doing wrong if there is any. I’ve attached some snapshots of this scenario.

origin.png - the original appearance of the app/page before any user interaction
dragtoright.png - small window was dragged to the right until half of it is not visible
- this will let me scroll to the right
scrolltorightusingrightarrow.png - scroll to right using right arrow
- this image reveals the empty background at the right (gray area)
mainwindow.png - main/root window modifications

I’m using Firefox 3.5.3 in my Ubuntu

Please see attached zip file. Thanks. :wacko: (389 KB)

The problem is in your custom theme.

You need to define the background color (dark red) on the body element instead of the .v-view/.v-app elements.

At least that’s what I suspect…

Thanks very much, this fixed my problem. Since I’m inheriting runo themes, I have overriden “v-generated-body” class. Just overriding “body” don’t work. :grin: