scrolling text in a label


I’m looking for a UI component that can display some text and then scroll it out vertically off the component when the value of the text changes. This is for a status update kind of component.

I was thinking a Label with some CSS but actually have no idea how. Has anyone done anything similar before?


I don’t know if i got what you’re trying to do but what about a TextArea set to ReadOnly?
This way you can display text without the user being able to edit it and when there is more then can fit scrollbars appear.

Thanks Marius; yeh that’s a good start. By default I wouldn’t actually want the scroll bars to show (it’s a smallish UI component in the larger window, and you’d click on it to get all the logs). Is there a way for the TextArea to always scroll to the bottom?

The second post in this thread!/thread/2516081
has some code which should do exactly that.