Scrolling problem under Opera 10.70 build 3483


Issue below works doesn’t appear in Opera latest stable release (10.61), but I am writing this post to point possible problem with Vaadin+Opera in near future. If it’s problem with Opera and not with Vaadin, then sorry for alert.

Developing my application (since Vaadin 6.3.2), moving yesterday to Vaadin 6.4.2 I noticed scrolling problem. This can be easily seen on DetatchedTabs add on demo: .
When You go to this URL, everything looks fine on the first moment, but when You resize window from “bigger” size to “smaller”, additional scroll bars (both horizontal and vertical) appear. When You resize from “smaller” window to some bigger, scroll bars disappear (not every time, only when difference in size is bigger than scroll bars’ widths).

Same thing happens in my application (even when use setScrollable( false ):wink:

This happen only on Opera, other browsers doesn’t show scrollbars and everything looks ok.

System: Windows XP, SP3
Vaadin: 6.4.2
Opera: 10.70 build 3483