Scrolling during Drag/Drop operation?

Hi all!

I’m building an application that gives the possibility to reorder certain items using drag and drop. All available drop locations don’t fit onto one page and therefore I wrapped it into a Panel to get the scrollbars to the magic. Problem is, I’m not able to move elements from top to a location not visible at the moment.

Is it possible to trigger a scroll movement/action during the drag operation?



There’s a
ticket for scrolling Table
during drag&drop.

The same problem is with any scrollable component that can contain drop targets. It’s not just Panel, but any HTML element with “overflow: auto” can get scrollbars. It may be that a generic solution is not even possible.

(Well, you can always try to implement the feature with some client-side code, at least for your specific case, but as far as I know, it’s not possible with the server-side API in Vaadin.)

Looks like none cares about this issue, ticket looks dead and not solved after so many year…