Scroller without scroll visible?

The scroller on the mobile app cuts through page strangly beside the table as in attached, I don’t know what the solution is yet, as I used setWidthFull, but still. The scroll does hide after a while once I touch and move the pane.

How can I hide the scroller all together, or issue a hide once the app shows after some time.? Keeping the component scrolling, Or at least fix the issue.

That’s a native scrollbar, not a Vaadin-specific thing. The reason it’s in the middle of the page like that is that there is some margin/padding around the scrolling element. setWidthFull doesn’t make margins go away so you’ll need to find what element creates that margin and remove it.

I would recommend using the browser’s devtools to check which element is the culprit. Presumably whatever is the parent of the scrolling element.