Scrollable Table Problem only works in Firefox


I have made a Table, where i will control the scroll events like in this post:


And it works! But know I test the code on other browsers like Opera, Chrome or IE … It don´t works. It only works in Firefox.
I have found the reason:

	public void onScroll(ScrollEvent event)

		final FocusableScrollPanel scrollBody = (FocusableScrollPanel) getWidget(1);

		if (this.mouseUpHandlerRegistration == null) {
		         this.mouseUpHandlerRegistration = scrollBody.addDomHandler(
		                           new MouseUpHandler()
		                                       public void onMouseUp(MouseUpEvent event)
		                                           //calls the update variables methode     
                                                            processOnScroll(scrollBody, true);
		                            }, MouseUpEvent.getType());


I think the mouseUpHandler will only called in Firefox? But i don´t know what i can do?
Can anybody help?
If comment the mouseUpHandler i can use the function but the perfomance sucks a little bit.

Best regards

can´t anybody help?

a last push?