Scroll / Layouts Fixed Size

Hi ,

I have hard time to do somehting like Header Body Footer page .

For example , when footer has more to show , you don’t see all of it , and there is no scroll down to see more .

or if the body have many components within so you don’t see everything.

I tried few navigation add-on and now i’m using TFT(Toolkit Productivity Tools) , but It doesn’t seems matter which “Page” add-on I use , the problem is not an add-on issue.

In silverlight when I’m adding components into a StackPanel ( same as HorizontalLayout /VerticalLayout ) , I don’t need to worry if It’s gonna shows OK , cuz I know it will show everyting ok .

I have Welcome view with Header Body Footer

public class WelcomeView extends VerticalLayout  {

	private WelcomeHeader header;  // extends VerticalLayout 
	private HorizontalLayout body;
	private Footer footer;  //  extends VerticalLayout 
	public WelcomeView() {


		header = new WelcomeHeader();
		body = new HorizontalLayout();
		footer = new Footer();

              ===fill them with what I want ===
public class X4Application extends TPTApplication {
		mainWindow = new Window("Site");
		mainWindow.setContent(new WelcomeView());

It seems that the simplest way to get everything in the page with a scrool is to add everything I need into the main window with addComponent method , and to make my own Window-Navigaton-Manager .

public class HelloWorld extends com.vaadin.Application {

    public void init() { 
        Window main = new Window("Hello window"); 


How in the vaadin-sampler , the right screen have a scrool with many items? Panel ?

Thanks ,

The Vaadin sampler uses a SplitPanel with a CssLayout in the first container (left) and a Panel in the second container (right). The containers of a SplitPanel already naturally provide scrolling, but on the right, it is indeed the Panel that does the trick.