scroll in table

it’s possible to associate listener to scroll in the table?

As I understand, in the current implementation vaadin library, this is impossible

Do you have any idea, how i can do that?

You can make your implementation of table

table.setContainerDataSource(new Container(0, 20));
table.addActionHandler(new Action.Handler() {
public Action getActions(Object target, Object sender) {"target " + target);

			 if (markedRows.contains(target)) {
			 return ACTIONS_MARKED;
			 } else {"he");

		public void handleAction(Action action, Object sender, Object target) {"anskjanzkjsnzkajnsk", action + " " + sender + " " + target);

			if (ACTION_MARK == action) {
				table.refreshRowCache();"ACTION_MARK" + ACTION_MARK);
			} else if (ACTION_UNMARK == action) {
				table.refreshRowCache();"ACTION_UNMARK" + ACTION_UNMARK);
			} else if (ACTION_LOG == action) {
				Item item = table.getItem(target);
				addComponent(new Label("Saved: " + target + ", "
						+ item.getItemProperty(ExampleUtil.iso3166_PROPERTY_NAME).getValue()));



Actions are not related to scrolling, they are used to create a context menus and keyboard shortcuts. If you need scrolling information to handle lazy-loading of rows, you should use a container that does the lazy loading.

In vaadin sapmler, is noted that table can implement lazy loading: Table supports lazy-loading, which means that the content is loaded from the server only when needed. This allows the table to stay efficient even when scrolling hundreds of thousands of rows.

that is a link: