Scroll bar functionality without the scroll-bar

In this example, you can scroll through without seeing the scroll bar. Is this possible with Vaadin.

I have a V-Panel that i use as my content place holder, if i add a long form (absolute layout) to this panel, i want to be able to scroll through the form without showing the scroll bar?

Has anyone implemented this feature?

From looking at the source, they are making a scrolling div of 170 pixels showing in a 150 pixels wide window (cutting the scrollbar in those 20px difference)
I believe you could do something like :

  • Make your content 170 pixels wide (content.setWidth(170, UNITS_PIXEL))
  • Make your panel 150 pixels wide (panel.setWidth(150, UNITS_PIXEL))
  • Block the horizontal scrolling with CSS :

  overflow-x: hidden !important;

This may not be the right CSS selector, you will need firebug or webinspector to find the exact one.
Also it might not work on some browsers, you will have to test thoroughly.