Schedule for variable height rows in a Grid?


Is there any schedule for getting support for variable height rows in a Grid? I’ve seen this feature mentioned here and there (e.g., but haven’t found anything conclusive. This would be a very important feature in our current project, where we’d need to show a long-ish chapter of text in a cell, and it would be very important to have it visible constantly without any hovering or clicking (e.g. by using a tooltip or the Grid’s detail row). Some rows in the Grid will have this text, some won’t, so a fixed row height is very sub-optimal.

  • Markus

Hi Markus, and thanks for asking!

I am at least not aware of any concrete plans when this will happen. The grid is a joint effort between two teams, and some early planning stuff might not get communicated right away, so I can’t say 100 % sure that the Framework team hasn’t done more plans for it.

But I can say for sure that the Elements (Web Components) team doesn’t have variable height rows in the mid-term roadmap, unfortunately. There are a lot of other important features that we want to get done before that.

Okay, that’s a bit unfortunate. I guess I’ll have to come up with a workaround for it for the time being. Thanks for the reply in any case!