Save an image into directry after uploading

I used Simple Uploader component of vaadin to upload an image from client computer.
After upload the image i can get name of image and MIME type of image.
But i cant get the path of image.
So i cant save that uploaded image into server computer directory.

Give me a help to save that uploaded image to server computer directory.:frowning:

Refer below link

It is a security feature of browsers not to send the original file path to the server. You need to decide in which server directory to save the files and combine that path with the uploaded file name.

Note, however, that some browsers do send the path (some older versions of IE do if my memory serves me correctly). Therefore, you should strip away any path the file names may have (anything before and including a slash, a backslash and maybe a colon; stricter file name validation is recommended if you are going to write a file with the name given by the user). This is also in general a very good idea to help avoid attacks where the user e.g. overwrites a system file in some other directory with an uploaded one.