Sample application - login, menu, nevigator, views..

I am trying to reuse itmill sample application available at the following link to startup a sample application being newbe in vaadin.

I am trying to run it on vaadin 7+ but noticed that this sample application is using old vaadin and having a hard tine to find relevant packages/APIs in Vaadin 7+. Can anyone know if someone has already hav eupgraded this sample application to vaadin 7+ or if there is any similar sample vaadin application available?


Hey Mortoza,

I think the Dashboard demo should be up to date. Think that would suffice?


It would be much better if there was something like the one i have metioned. I think many starter like me will ge a lot of benefit out of that.

If any one has this kind of starter project for the community that will be appreciated.

Try example applications and other posts