Running Vaadin 7 using the webkit supplied with Java 7/JavaFX

I am wanting to create a Vaadin 7 (V7) app that is able to run in the webkit browser provided with Java 7 and JavaFX asit would in Chrome.

First of all I tried the new V7 Demo using the JavaFX webkit and it does not run very well.

My reason to do this is to be able to run V7 apps along side my Java app and also access the V7 via the web.

I have used the webkit to access a number of websites ok.

Has anybody else tried using the JavaFX webkit and V7?

Is there something I need alter to allow this to work ok?


Stephen Chin demonstrated how you can do this during the Vaadin Meetup Cruise last week (
). He had some problems with the Quicktickets dashboard demo, especially with some CSS that JavaFX did not render correctly and that the JavaFX browser was considerably slower than a standalone Chrome or Safari. Not sure if you can do anything about these but wait for an improved JavaFX version.