rows from server

These two apps work very well on my macbook.
When I upload them to server Autoparaat4 is still ok.
Problem with Autoparaati6:
I have added one column ‘IKA’ and removed two colums ‘ALV’ and ‘VERYHT’. It still gets number of rows correctly from database but when I click on ‘Paina kaasua’ rows do not appear.

Right, that is what happens… or does not happen. No rows in the second sample.

It is impossible to say what is wrong here, but you should (double) check the code where you are adding the rows to the Table with a debugger.

Since I became familiar with this list many miracles have happened with my code. In this case even if you do not know what is going on in my code you solved my problem. It works now.


The latest version still has some minor layout bugs, but app is very useful already. I bookmarked it. :slight_smile: