Row in a table shifts 1 pixel when focused, 6.4.3

Hi all,

yeasterday I upgrated to 6.4.3, now I found that when a row in a table gets focused, it has a very small movement downward (probably 1 pixel, not verified). This can be annoying when using context menu in the table since context the focus will switch whenever the context menu is popped up. So you end up with see a row (and all rows below it) gets moved up and down.

I searched in the tickets but could not find anything, not sure if this has been reported?




This is probably browser specific, so we would also need to know the browser and its version with which this occurs as well as the theme used. I did not see the problem with Chrome 6 nor IE8, at least at
, nor with Chrome 6 in the ReindeerTheme and RunoTheme demos.

If this is reproducible somewhere on the demo site, please
create a ticket
with information on how to reproduce and with which browser. If you don’t see the problem there, please attach a small test program to the ticket.

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Hi Henri,

thanks for the reply. Now I can confirm this happens when using Chameleon theme.

Should I create a ticke for it as well?




Please create a ticket (and select “Component: Chameleon theme”). This is only happens with 6.4.x, when keyboard navigation is active in tables.

Ticket created:
Ticket 5604