Row Header and Column Headers

I want to modify Vaadin component Table so that i can add filters and clickable images in the Row Headers and Column Headers. But By Default a Vaadin Table Header supports only String and Icon.

Is there any possibility that I can do it?

Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment.

In the upcoming Vaadin 6.4 you will be able to add click listeners to the Table header so then you probably can achieve something like this, but until then I’m afraid your out of luck.

Is there any other approach that I can take up?

I’m using Vaadin 6.4 add-on TreeTable which meets most of my requirements.

Since this add-on is in beta relese, I’d like to report a bug.
The method
setColumnIcon(Object propertyId, Resource icon)
does not work for tree table.


Thanks for testing. I fixed the issue and published a new version:


Oh yes. It was fixed within two days after I reported this.
Great work and thanks.

I’ve One more question, can I add clickable column header icon in tree table?
Possibly this question relates to Vaadin Tree component in general and not the tree table.


Can I add one header row in table like grid for filter
I am using Vaadin 7.4
Can I do filter in vaadin table for every column like grid