Row Expand and Collapse

I need a Table which should have the option of the Row Expand.
It should be like on click of the data of column x , the row gets expanded and shows the content of the Csslayout.

Use Case like Student table which has the student name and Contact Email and Contact Country.
Example Jim, and US. On Click on US the Row gets expand and displays the full contact details as
Contact Number, Street, State, Postal Code.

I am surprised how come vaadin 7 also doesn’t have this feature. If I don’t get reply I would feel its really no use of this forum.

Hello aryan,

that’s why vaadin 7.4 is planned to be released with the new Grid component replacing the table component. Hopefully the grid component will be able to do this easily.

Nevertheless did you try to change the table cell’s content by event? The result should be quite similar except you won’t be able to use the colspan mechanism.

These are the primary basics and should have been made available by now. If you can provide some logic to achieve through Grid Layout my problem would be solved.