Hi guys ! I have problem when trying to navigate thru different views with a id as parameter passed in the route . I couldnt get it how it should work . I’am trying to navigate from one view to another ( subview) with the parent view id so i can load all of the data from the db for this view in the subview but without success .

Can you explain what is not working for you and show some code snippets of what you tried?

this is in the parent class ( view)

this is the route in my child view

my child view is vaadin sortable layout which is copying the github projects style with three columns todo , in progress and done

i want from project boards for every project board to create a new unique tasks view

for the given project board

and i was trying to pass the project board id and from there to see if this project board has related tasks


You should probably use : @Route("tasks/:projectBoardId")

also im trying to use @RouteParameter and it is not recognizet at all


thats with @Route(“tasks/:projectBoardId”)

In your case you can use the url parameter (since you have only one:

@Route(value = "tasks")
public class TaskDetailView extends Div implements HasUrlParameter<Long> {

And navigate with

ui.navigate(TaskDetailView.class, id)


thank you will give it a try

The other annotation should also work, but maybe there is a wrong link to the page. I don’t remember seeing this error



with HasUrlParameter