Routescoped instead of UIScope

Hi. I’ve already read the vaadin doc about UIScope and Routescope but I don’t manage to implement that. I’ve simply a view A with a grid and a view B that show the detail of the grid item. I’ve used first “UIScope” in my View A to store the grid without reload the constructor when I’m come back from my view B.
But , like the doc explaine that, It’s stored in the UI, so when I leave view A and come back later, it’s always stored.
So I’ve seen that I have to use Routescope but I don’t undestand how to implement that. I change the code “@UIScope” in my view A by “@RouteScope” and “@RouteScopeOwner(A.class)” but it doesn’t work. Have you an example or can you help me to use this function. Thank you in advance

@RouteScopeOwner(A.class) means that the instance should remain preserved as long as A remains rendered as a view or a router layout. That is not the case if you navigate away from A when navigating to B. You might have to introduce a dummy router layout in between that is shared between the two views and use that layout class as the scope owner.

Thank you I’ve managed to implement that with help of vaadin doc too.