RouterLink not highlighted when app goes to empty ("") route

I have a MainView extending AppLayout. I add navigation (horizontal layout with router links to two views) to Navbar. My views have routing set as in the screen attached.
When clicking on links all works fine: right view shows up and selected link is highlighted. When app starts it routes by default to the empty (“”) route (set as alias for first view) the first view shows up but the link is not highlighted. Is there a way to have it highlighted in such scenario?

I thought this was a bug at some point (for SideNav at least), but has been fixed since 24.2, which version are you on?
Here’s the original issue, marked as complete.

I’m on 24.3.3. It might be working with SideNav, the problem is I need it in the navigation bar on top of page and - unless I missed it in docs - there is not a straight forward way of using SideNav in a horizontal layout as part of top bar…? Before, I used tabs for it but had only a single (default) view in the app. Now I wanted to have multiple views with links on top of page and went by this in docs:


Ah I see, I though it still uses SideNav internally for that, but looks like only when its a Drawer.
Maybe a decent workaround would be to play around with routerLink.setHighlightCondition(..)