Router does not update Home URL (Vaadin 13.0.7, Spring Boot)

I have a RouterLink for getting back to the homepage from everywhere in the application:
RouterLink homeLink = new RouterLink("", HomeView.class);

The HomeView:

@Route(value = "", layout = AppLayout.class)
public class HomeView extends VerticalLayout { ... }

When I am on a subpage that has a URL like /foobar/2 and the 2 is an URL parameter, then clicking on the RouterLink does take me to the homepage, but the URL is not updated. It remains /foobar/2 but if I click a second time, then it is updated to “”.

The subpage is reached by server-side navigation:

ui.navigate(Subpage.class, 2));

I have found other people having a similar problem on Google, so it seems to be a bug or common API misuse somewhere.