Root class is not found

Hi guys,

I can’t found the class com.vaadin.ui.Root in my classpath. In fact I can’t extend the Root class as it can’t be found.

Here are my maven dependencies

com.vaadin vaadin-server ${vaadin.version} com.vaadin vaadin-client-compiled ${vaadin.version} com.vaadin vaadin-client ${vaadin.version} provided com.vaadin vaadin-themes ${vaadin.version} javax.servlet servlet-api 2.4 provided

Where ${vaadin.version} is 7.0.0. I have created the project with the vaadin-archetype-application.

I would appreciate any help.

Best regards.


Root has been replaced by UI.

That’s pretty awkward. I have been reading the PDF file for Vaadin 7 preview edition and I couldn’t read anywhere that there have been a replacement.
Even some examples are given using the Root class.
And what about the SimpleViewDisplay class?

The book is being updated for Vaadin 7 final release and a new edition should come out within a few weeks - I believe most of such issues have already been corrected but maybe the PDF version hasn’t been updated yet. The HTML version
might be more recent.

For ViewDisplay etc. the easy way is to check for its implementing classes in your IDE - there are SingleComponentContainerViewDisplay and ComponentContainerViewDisplay. Some of the use of the navigator has been simplified, though - see the tutorials for it and much more
. The tutorials should be up to date with the final release of 7.0.0.