roblem starting Vaadin on Production Server


I have the following error, when I try to start my application on the production server:

Laden fehlgeschlagen für das <script> mit der Quelle "http://d100aeu93002.d100.intern:9048/atc/VAADIN/static/push/vaadinPush.js?v=1.4.3". atc:1

On my local system everything is fine.
And something has to have worked, because my redirection for user’s who have not been authenticated yet is working fine.

I’m using Vaadin 13.

Hope someone can help.

Best regards

Do you have a proxy in your production environment?


the whole network uses proxies.

For me it looks like something has been unpacked wrong. So my bet goes to web.xml or application.xml.


the whole network uses proxies.

It is quite typical configuration issue, that proxy blocks the access to VAADIN folder

For me it looks like something has been unpacked wrong.

Do you mean that VAADIN folder is not in WAR or not in right place there. If you suspect packaging issue, you can browser WAR file with e.g. 7-Zip and check if the structure is right.

Okay, now we are talking:

there is no VAADIN-Folder in war-file. I thougt it would be generated by runtime.

How does it get there, where has it be to be found.
And most of all, what am I doing wrong?


I’ve talked to a collegue now, which also uses VAADIN in his project.
He has the VAADIN-Folder in his war-file.

But instead of VAADIN 13 he is using VAADIN 7/8 and there have been some changes between those versions.