Road ahead

The next steps in IT Mill Toolkit development will be:

  1. At least two more maintenance releases in 5.2.x series. 5.2.6 could be as soon as tomorrow and the next one within 1-2 weeks. In addition to bug-fixes, we decided to include Table API enchantments directly to 5.2.x series in order to make life easier to many projects forced to use nightly builds just because these small features.

  2. The whole team strives to get 5.3.0 out asap. The focus of the release is stability and correctness. We decided to keep new features at minimum in order to get everything right, as soon as possible. See for exact list of features to be included.

  3. Focus will be turned to WYSIWYG editor and Eclipse plugin and :)

In addition to the main-line development, IT Mill will be starting several research projects to create new and fancy stuff. More about these later this year.

An as allways - your code contributions and participation in development is more than welcome!

To follow-up, 5.3.0 is not ready yet and we are continuing to add releases for 5.2.x series. If there is anything in 5.3.0RC that is not scheduled for 5.2.x, just ask. Effective ways are to comment on tickets, discuss on forums and re-open closed tickets.

(disclaimer - this is
the official roadmap - at least not yet. more like a brainstorming draft at this phase)

How would you like if the roadmap would look something like this?

Please comment on you priorities and how this would affect you.

Just to clarify…

With WYSIWYG Joonas doesn’t mean “rich text editor”. It already exists (RichTextArea). WYSIWYG here is mean graphical editor for GUI java code.

More along these lines: