right clicking on Tables empty space

I have a Table with a ContextMenu
and I would like my ContextMenu to appear even if I right click on Tables empty space (not only right-clicking on an existing row)
So I am trying to get the right click event from table’s empty space, but it seems that table refuses to give this.

Has anybody found a solution on this?
can we get the table’s right click on empty space?

best regards

Yorgos Tryfon

The sullution I found so far is to get the right-click event from the parent component of the Table

        addLayoutClickListener(new LayoutClickListener() 
                                    public void layoutClick(LayoutClickEvent event) {
                                           System.out.println ("layout clicked...");

the above code gives me the event if I click inside contained table’s empty space.
Then I have to check where specifically the user clicked and re-open context menu again.

it is a workaround but
It works!