RichTextArea in Liferay has garbled icons using IE6

First of all, thanks for Vaadin. This is making my life a whole lot simpler.
I’m having an issue, and hope someone can help.

I’m writing a portlet using a RichTextArea component. Everything works fine in FireFox, but when viewing the portlet in IE6, the button icons in the RichTextArea are garbled, and seems to be on-top of each other.

It only seems to happen when using a RichTextArea in a portlet, viewing with an IE6 browser. Using it in a non-portlet application works fine. (our company is still using IE6, and that will be what my users have)

Is there some trick I need to do to get this to work?

I’ve attached a screenshot.

Here is my setup:
Vaadin 6.4.9 eclipse plugin.
LIferay 6.0.5 running on Tomcat.

Jeff Kilgore

A long time ago, there was a similar bug for IE8 (
) that was related to an IE6 implementation of a GWT class (ClippedImageImpl) being used for IE8. A workaround was used to select the correct implementation (for IE8 only), but that workaround has since been removed as later versions of GWT fixed this.

Maybe the IE6 implementation in more recent GWT versions is now broken.

Another possibility would be some kind of a conflict between the Liferay themes and Vaadin themes.