Rich text editor code NOT working.

Hey I just signed up for the student programme. I heard it covers for commercial components. I’m trying to use the rich text editor as a WYSIWYG for my research project. But, the code is not working actually all the commercial components aren’t working. Please I need assistance.

What do you mean by not working? Do you get an error message?

I’m very new to Vaadin so I don’t know how to use commercial components. The components aren’t asking me to import from vaadin in my IDE. Sorry if I caused any alarm on the channel. I meant to say I do not know how to use commercial components in my code. Is there a step I should take to fix this. Things I need to import. I really appreciate that you got back to me. I feel it would be nice if students had an onboarding programme on what to do.

instead of vaadin-core import vaadin as Dependency and it those should be available.

Thank you! I’ll do just that.