reuse the red validation •


I am trying to reuse the red dot that appears next to a field when a validation error occurs, to mark a Tab as containing errors. Search around the flow codebase for •, i only found this in vaadin-dev-tools.ts, but i don’t think this is what i’m looking for.

        .tab.unreadErrors::after {
          content: '•';
          color: hsl(var(--dev-tools-red-hsl));
          font-size: 1.5rem;
          position: absolute;
          transform: translate(0, -50%);

Is there a better way to apply this red dot next to the tab text ?

I think that’s otherwise fine, but you might want to use color: var(--lumo-required-field-indicator-color, var(--lumo-error-text-color)); instead of the dev tools red

The devtool is not included in production so you shouldn’t use it

ok, so i will copy above definition into my own css class then.