Return value is undefined


I’m testing how to “mix” Vaadin with my current web application.

What I did was to add the servlet configuration for the AdressBook sample:



I’m running with Tomcat + WTP on Eclipse, and I tried to access the page:

I can see the loading gif and the debug console but the application doesn’t appear. In the Firefox log I have simply the error:

Do you have an idea of what is wrong?

Here is the content of the debug console:

There is no error in Tomcat logs.




Hmm… Can you check what the server is responding for the XHR request (firebug Net->XHR, look for a POST with ?repaintAll, check the ‘response’ tab)?

Hopefully that will shed some light on this…

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The error is in French, but translated in English this is something like:

It helps me to find the error in my web.xml:


Thank you very much!