Response time of Upload component

I use Upload component in my app to upload files to web server, the function works however I feel the performance of file upload operation is poor, for a small size file (e.g. <1M) it works well, for a big size file (e.g. > 5M) the response time (around spending more than 20s) is long to finish the file upload.

I could provide the detailed operation time cost per different size files upload if required.

Any thought or setting upon Upload to improve this?

Nobody could help to provide a help or feedback?

What are you actually trying to say? That uploading bigger files takes longer than uploading small ones?

No offense, I just don’t get your point …

I expect to have better performance on uploading the files, I wonder why uploading a file takes so long time, e.g. a file in ~5M supposedly could be finished with upload in a couple of seconds instead of 10+ seconds (even longer) as I just operate this in the local PC server (Tomcat and Browser client are in same machine). So I like to learn if there is some parameters tuning or I could use some other API of vaadin for this function to improve this.


Well I don’t know about any “special” settings you would have to make at the upload-component to get it running. From my experience it is not considerably slower than an upload through native HTML-upload. Consider that it’s not just a file-copy, but the browser will have to get the file, package it as HTTP-message and the server as to redo all this stuff. Shouldn’t take several seconds, but will take longer than just copying the file on the FS. You could measure the time of the Vaadin-upload and compare it roughly to the time a native upload takes for the same file, just to see if there is a real issue.