Resource '/dev/hilla/openapi.json' is not available

Hi! Recently trying to upgrade my project from Hilla 1.3.6->2.0.1 and I am now seeing this new error in console that wasn’t there previously. It seems fairly beneign, but was wondering if there was a solution to it? It looks like it appears also in a brand new project copied from here:

Full error:

2023-03-23T21:17:38.924-04:00 ERROR 13256 --- [  restartedMain] dev.hilla.EndpointController             : Resource '/dev/hilla/openapi.json' is not available

also, i think vaadin.endpoint.prefix might not be respected? maybe i missed that going away/being changed to something else though

I think that the fix for that nag was merged yesterday: fix: Make openapi.json available runtime for native apps by Artur- · Pull Request #811 · vaadin/hilla · GitHub

I’m not sure about the endpoint prefix. I’m not aware of any plans to remove support for it. Can you file an issue in GH so we can take a look?