Resizing Table Columns


When I resize the first table column of this example:

then the second column gets a fixed width. Is this intended? A bug?


Other things I have noticed:

When there are several columns with unspecified width, the space is divided according to the max-width of the content of the first “page”.
a) The “page” is still 15 lines, even though I have set the height of the table to 100% and it contains more lines. So, when line 16 contains a long value it is truncated.
b) The column width remains the same when I scroll or when I setContainerDataSource with different values. How an I re-calculate the column widths?

One more thing:

Since there is no listener for column collapsing, I think the ColumnReorderListener should also be called when colums are collapsed/un-collapsed

An old post, but created
about this.

I recently answered the question about columns getting fixed width on another thread, so I’ll just link to that: