Request for extension of

Hello Vaadin!

First I must say, you create amazing framework. I fallow your work from erlier version.

I was exciting when Vaddin 6 arrived. Espessely when you put SQLContainer into base package.

Analizing this package for our team two little thing is problem for us. You declare fetchMetaData method in TableQuery and property primaryKeyColumns. If you declare just as protected method this will be for us very usefull. Or put it as public methods.

Why? We are little Oracle shop and make our applicatin base on Oracle View and instead of triggers. Every functionality of TableQuery is for us enough, but when we create it must be base od table not any other object. For this you can say you have FreeTableQuery. But why copy we a whole functionaliti of TableQuery just because that. In any other case this component suite our work.

Could You consider to incorporate this feature in any other future version?

Sincerly, Attila