Replace VDragAndDropManager via the GWT deferred binding process.

'Hi all,

I am trying to customize the drag and drop behaviour of client-side Vaadin widgets. So far I have written a custom version of VScrollTable and VTree. However, in an effort to streamline and simplify my work, I think I can achieve the same result by producing a custom version of VDragAndDropManager and not have to modify the tree or the table.

I’ve read on the Vaadin forums and by looking at the document that the VDragAndDropManager singleton class can be replaced using the GWT deferred binding mechanism. I am not sure how this is meant to work since the VDragAndDropManager is a singleton. I can’t really create a subclass of it.

So I’ve ended up creating a new class called CustomVDragAndDropManager with cut and paste code (which is ugly) and I updated my widgeset.xml to look like:

However, this does not work even when the CustomVDragAndDropManager is an exact copy of the VDragAndDropManager. I am not sure what is the best place to go to check if the deferred binding mechanism is working as expected.

Any help would be appreciated.