replace image in label on mouse over the panel

I have a panel with “Edit” Button with some image.
when mouse is over the panel, I want to show another (brighter) icon for the same button.
what’s the best way?

the only idea I have at this moment is to add two labels to AbsoluteLayout and use CSS styles to hide/show them somehow.

You can do that with CSS by assigning a style to your button and change the background. Note that if you’re running a theme like reindeer, you need a few CSS tricks to get it working.

Handling effects like Hoover and focus should be done on the client.

I can post some more details if you’re interested.

thanks, it would be interesting to see an example.
the forum keeps clearing my “subscribed” status for topics, so I don’t get email updates from it… sucks.

The forum does that for everyone, so you’re not alone with the problem. And yes, it suck. Some bug/problem in Liferay.

Yep, that sucks indeed. Why theme are you using right now? We had to override a few css styles that come with reindeer but it should be easier with other themes. I’ll try to post something later based on reindeer.

the forum subscription was cleared again… I’m using Reindeer

And it’s not going to get any better until the Liferay issue is fixed and applied here.

Here is a sample application that demonstrates what I meant. It uses css to change the opacity of the icon when the mouse if over the icon or when the button has the focus (selected)

Hope that helps.

S. (14.2 KB)