REPL like / interactive developing


I currently evaluate Vaadin, if I can use it in my next project. My next application is a web-based JEE5 application. I’m using JBoss AS and the corresponding JBoss plugin for Eclipse. The plugin can start JBoss and the including JEE application in a debug mode, which almost allows an interactive development of the application (hot code replacement) similar to a REPL. Of course, it is also possible to develop interactivly web applications with this plugin. If I change interactivly my test Vaadin application adding a new widget and trigger a reload of the web page, the new widget won’t be displayed. Only after I’ve closed and restarted the web browser, the new widget is visible.

How can I realize a more interactive development? I have to use the JBoss plugin.

I have unsuccessfully tested the following code:

    [font=Courier New]

Button b = new Button (“Reload”);
b.addListener (new click listener () {

        @ Override
        public void click button (click event) {
            init ();
            main.requestRepaintAll ();

    main.addComponent (b);



You might want to try restarting whole application by adding restartApplication argument to your application’s URL, for example:


There is another useful option, if you’re not using it yet:


It provides tools useful for debugging, especially “Analyze layouts” feature.

Thanks, it works!