Reordering columns of a table

i want to reoder the columns of a table, i didn’t get the example in the samples. I am new to vaadin, and my knowledge in UI is not that good. For example,there are many listeners and i don’t know which to add. Also the table is a serizalizable object so i want a way to save the board with its new order of columns.
Plz veryyyyyyyy simple replies


I’m not sure what you want to accomplish, but you can set the order of visible columns in a Table by using the setVisibleColumns method:

table.setVisibleColumns(new Object[] {"propertyId2", "propertyId1", "propertyId3"});


i want to swap two columns of a table using drag and drop

Use the method
. You can also check out the relevant example in the sampler:

but i didn’t get the part of the listener

Please try to search the forum, there have been exactly the same questions (how to save the order of columns etc.) before, and they’ve been answered as far as I remember.