Removing upload confirmation and progress bar with "Connecting..." label

I have a problem with my view, Ive added an upload button which works fine, but I want to have a method that will remove the upload confirmations that pop below, but sadly I can’t find out how to do that. I’m asking this because whenever I upload → navigate somewhere else → navigate to my view again, there is a progress bar with “Connecting…” Label below the upload button and it never stops and removing it with small cross icon also becomes impossible. Only manual solution is to refresh the page which is not what I want to achieve. Please help :c


Tried it but it doesn’t work, it only clears the file list, the visual component is not removed

A hack would be to add css that always hide the :nerd_face:

You think it would be possible to do it conditionally? When im uploading it is kinda useful to see what files got uploaded

I’m personally not sure, but I would recommend first to find out why your upload component behaves like it does. That connection bar sounds like an issue that you are reusing the upload component instead of creating a new one