Removing Button Hover Effect

Hi all, I have a Button in a view that I have assigned a CSS class name (landingPageTitleButton). I have created a “vaadin-button.css” file in the “themes/app/components” folder to make the necessary styling changes. After inspecting the button with inspect element, I found the style that controls this. What do I have to add to the vaadin-button.css file to remove the hover effect for the landingPageTitleButton. I’ve attached a screenshot of the style in question that I need to override

I will re-iterate I want to do this for this specific button (landingPageTitleButton) and not every button

Assuming you do landingPageTitleButton.addClassName("landing-page-title-button");

:host(.landing-page-title-button:hover)::before {
  display: none;

thanks! I knew it was going to be something like this, but i wasn’t sure of the syntax

Is this vaadin-specific css or is it general css?

General css but a little bit more advanced with that selector “magic”

thanks :slightly_smiling_face: