Removing a required Binding from a Binder doesn't remove the required indicator from the field


If I remove a Binding from a Binder via removeBinding(binding) (or removeBinding(field)) and the Binding was a required one the indicator of required doesn’t disappear, I mean the “point” near the label.

Is this normal? There is another step to remove a binding from a field ?

I am using version 14.


I can use binding.setAsRequiredEnabled(false) before removing it from the Binder

That’s how it works for ages, could be considered bug or enhancement and is probably better reported in the flow repo instead of here.

Ah ok I will report it on github. Still on bindings, does setting a binding on a field with a Binder implies that previous binding is removed, right? you cannot have multiple bindings on a field I suppose.

Never came across this to be honest

I suppose it can be only one the method is called removeBinding(field) is singular, I don’t know me too :slightly_smiling_face: