Remove Vaadin from html source code

Is it possible to remove all hints to Vaadin from source code? (Browser > context menu > show source)

I’m interested in why would you want to do that?

If there would be a security issue in Vaadin it would be easy to aknowledge it and make stupid things. Also i would hide it from competitors or other guys. Its an internal desicion which technologies we use an those desicions should stay internal

I wouldn’t rely on obscurity for security - the practice even has its own CWE entry: CWE - CWE-656: Reliance on Security Through Obscurity (4.14)

That aside, it’s probably possible, but at the very least you’d need to make some framework changes; to start, you’d need to change the bootstrap file: flow/flow-client/src/main/frontend/FlowBootstrap.js at main · vaadin/flow · GitHub
and anything that refers to the window.Vaadin object defined there, as well as the Vaadin resource serving path (/VAADIN/) as well as anything that is referring to that path; there are some hardcoded strings that assume that path will work. Those should be the most of it.

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Please note that Vaadin components are using vaadin- prefix for the HTML tag names e.g. vaadin-button for Button etc. Changing this isn’t currently possible.

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The elements are generally not visible in the HTML source of the page, though, only in the DOM.

Just for completenes, also --vaadin-xx (and if using lumo, --lumo-xxx) custom properties are attached to the element