Remove the result part of a combobox programmatically

I have a window popup that contains a single combo box. The user types a few characters and the list of tasks matching his criteria appears (with the most obvious one first). If the user press enter at this point, the task opens and the pop-up closes.

I also added ESC as the close shortcut for the window.

If I type a few chars, get a selection and press esc, the window closes but hte selection is still visible on the screen (unless I click somehwere on the screen). If I select one of these items, I get a Out of sync issue.

I have added a listener on close that does this but it didn’t helped

    public void windowClose(CloseEvent e) {

How can I properly close the drop down list of the combo box with the result when I close the window?

Here is a showcase that reproduces the issue (11.6 KB)

Since I felt this was a bug, I have created #7536

For the record the bug was fixed and will be available in Vaadin 6.6.6

Thanks guys !