Remove Table Scroll Bars

How do I correctly size my Window, Panel, Table, and Table Columns so that the Table does not show any scroll bars (horizontal or vertical). I want the web browser’s natural vertical scroll bar to control the up/down scrolling, and I don’t want to have any horizontal scroll bars on the table, where the columns all fit inside the browser width at all times.

What I’ve done so far is setSizeFull on Window, Panel, and Table, and I’ve given all of the Table Columns a specific width, except for the first column where I have setColumnExpandRatio set to 1.0f. I would expect this setup to produce no inner scroll bars on the Table, however, I am getting both horizontal and vertical scroll bars on table itself.

Actually, my situation is a bit more complicated than I described above, because I am using TouchKit and I have separate tabs in my app. So actually, what I want is for the inner table to have a vertical scroll bar, but no horizontal scroll bar, and I want the BROWSER scroll bar to disappear, so that the MainTabView takes up 100% of the browser space. How would I do this?