Remove Tab Listner

Hi All,
I have vaadin tabs mentioned in below.

        12 *, 13 *, 14 *, 15 *   ( * is the Closing Tabs.)  When I click on *, I want to get a tab value. Let me know how to get the tab value when user click on *.


Why not just add a handler to the tab to detect closes?


There is a code snippet that can help:

tabsheet.setCloseHandler(new CloseHandler() {    
public void onTabClose(TabSheet tabsheet, Component tabContent) {
Tab tab = tabsheet.getTab(tabContent);"Closing " + tab.getCaption()); // We need to close it explicitly in the handler
tabsheet.removeTab(tab);     } });

Thanks Maniesh Patel. Great!.. It is working now.